New Genetics Test Detects 200 Mutation of Diseases

Diseases are very common and are rapidly increasing in our planet. The presence of different and many diseases is due to the millions and billions of foreign bodies that exist around us. New disease keep on appearing to humans as the bacteria are able to evolve and create strains resistant to the treatment which are stronger. Other diseases might occur in humans due to mutation of their genes.

However, a new study conducted by a team of researchers from the Nemours Children’s Health System developed a new genetic test that can help understand and recognize the mutations occurring in humans’ genes. The tests showed shocking results which detected a huge increase of many different unnoticed mutations which can lead to death. These tests are low in cost and can help in examining humans deeply. A total of 200 mutations were observed that are new to humans.

The study was led by PhD holder, Erin Crowgey who is an associate director for bioinformatics at Nemours. He published his results in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics which indicated that these results were only connected to groups of the Old Order Amish and Old Order Mennonites of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

He commented on his results saying, “These are genetically isolated communities with a higher incidence of certain disorders. Robust, expanded screening and diagnostic testing in these populations for people who may carry these gene variants could potentially improve patient outcomes and reduce medical costs, through a single low-cost procedure.”