New Development For Radiation Treating Cancer

Cancer is a very dangerous disease that affects a huge number of the human population. This disease comes in many different formats and can affect many different tissues in the human body. The different types of cancer might have different treatments while others are not treatable. Some forms of cancer are found in children more than adults.

The main treatment for most cancers is the use of radiation on cells which kills the cancer cells. However, it is not well developed to be efficient to attack cancer cells only. A new study was led by different doctors at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The study developed radiation process which is effective for cancer in children. The study was led by PhD holder Arthur Olch which is a radiation physicist.

He commented on his results saying, “If a patient gains or loses weight, their dimensions change. Likewise, as the tumor shrinks, radiation beams need to take a different trajectory. We have a very comprehensive quality assurance strategy and this software is an important addition to our already high standard of care. If your child needs radiation therapy, we are the only place around using this system. It’s difficult to say at this point whether this will necessarily cure more children. But if we can better target their tumors and refine our radiation dosing, we are reducing toxicity and giving kids their best possible chance.”