New Developed Drug Can Lower Risk For Kidney Failure For Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is a very common disease that changes the glucose level of the blood in humans. This causes many different side effects and can be critical at some points. Different types of diabetes exist, where some are more extreme than others. Type 2 diabetes is known to be associated with horrific side effects including kidney failure.

However, a recent study conducted on diabetes was able to develop a new drug that actually lowers the risk of kidney failure. This study conducted by a team of scientists from the Stanford University School of Medicine was led by Dr. Kenneth Mahaffey who is a professor of medicine at the university. The results of the study was published in the journal called New England Journal Of Medicine and they were able to present the data in a conference of the International Society of Nephrology’s World Congress of Nephrology in Melbourne.

Dr. Mahaffey commented on his results saying, “For the first time in 18 years, we have a therapy for patients with Type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease that decreases kidney failure. Now, patients with diabetes have a promising option to guard against one of the most severe risks of their condition.”

This study included the use of over 4,401 patients with type 2 diabetes from 34 different countries. The developed drug is called canagliflozin which is currently the only treatment that lowers the risk of kidney failure.