New Computer Model Acts As Human Kinase Might Be Able To Treat Cancer

As well-known, cancer is a very dangerous disease that affects humans worldwide. This disease is very dangerous due to its fast rate of evolving and development and being able to affect many different tissue. It comes in many different forms which is why it is important to act faster than it. Different teams are always working hard trying to find different treatments for cancer.

A recent study conducted by a team of researchers from the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo were able to create a model for an enzyme in humans (Kinase) that shows ability to treat cancer. The study shows positive results for the computational model created of the enzyme MEK1. This enzyme might actually hold the treatment for cancer.

The bright side is the fact that MEK1 will signal the body when it detects healthy cells and cancer cells. The study is yet to be able to use ths signally to easily detect cancer calls and treat them.

The study was published in the the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling and was led by Ashley McDonald and Javin Oza. Dr. McDonald commented on his results saying, “Since we don’t know the structure of MEK1, we identified other proteins that had similar features and mechanisms of action. Using those structures as templates, we could construct models of MEK1, and then validate those models against key characteristics identified by our biochemist collaborators.”