New Cell Movement Discovery Might Change Treatment

Cells make up our whole body with many functions, motions and developments to help them progress. The cell might be the smallest unit of the body, but definitely plays a very important collective role. Even though it is a very small particle, it still has a lot of functions and different mechanisms to see when it is at work.

Even though cells and their science has been discovered a long time ago, a new research has just discovered a new mechanism of cell movement that has never been observed before in science. This mechanism called “slingshot” movement, helps spread cells through the human body a lot faster than the normal rate.

The research is connecting the discovery with the fast spread of cancerous cells into the human body. This research was conducted by the University of Michigan and was led by Brendon Baker, which is a U-M assistant professor of biomedical engineering.

The research is focusing on using further research to help spread healthy cells across the body for better and faster improvement and higher development rates. Dr. Brendon stated, “We found that cells can move in this very distinct way that results in effective migration far faster than anything previously reported. I was definitely shocked seeing a cell move so fast,” Wang said. “What was even more surprising was then capturing this migration mode in multiple cell types and finding that their speed was so much faster than traditional modes of cell migration.”