New Bacteria Discovered From Students At School

Bacteria are alien particles to our body that surfs the planet with humans. Bacteria play a huge role in the survival of the planet with harmful and beneficial groups making their way. Different bacteria exist in different places on the planet including the human body. While different bacteria have different functions it is safe to leave bacteria live their life cycle without disturbing their habits as they keep the world balanced.

However, with the large number of bacteria population roaming the earth, it gets easy to discover a new unseen form of bacteria at times. These could be bacteria that were not observed before or created from the evolving of a previously known bacteria.

A recent study conducted by students at the Rochester Prep High School called Atlantis Aziz-Dickerson, Joyceline Dweh and D’Asia Buchanan, were able to detect and observe a new form of bacteria. They connected with the RIT Genomics Lab’s mentor André Hudson, head of RIT’s Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences, to take their study further and to isolate the bacteria. Accordingly they were able to identify the new bacteria as a species from the Yimella family.

The findings were published in the journal of Microbiology Resource Announcements with the name “Isolation, whole-genome sequencing and annotation of Yimella sp. RIT 621, a strain that produces antibiotic compounds against Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 and Bacillus subtilis BGSC 168.”

Further study is expected to be taken to help understand the uses of the bacteria.