New Area In Bone Marrow Analyzed

The bone marrow is a very important part of the human body that is used for various reason. Bone marrow is the main source of production of cells in the body; especially the blood cells. The bone marrow can also be used in the treatment of cancer through bone marrow transplant. This is a very important part of the body that should be studied and understood fully in order to use it as efficient as possible.

A recent study was conducted by a team of researchers from the NYU School of Medicine to understand and analyze the presence and functions of a certain group of cells that are located on the bone marrow. The study showed that this group of cells is connected to the creation and production of millions of blood cells daily.

The study was published in the  Nature journal and was led by PhD holder, Iannis Aifantis, who is a professor and chair of the Department of Pathology at NYU Langone Health and its Perlmutter Cancer Center. He commented on his results saying, “Our study represents the first detailed assessment of the bone marrow microenvironment, revealing the critical role of subsets of cells involved in cancer chemotherapy and immune cell production. Until now, scientists have often had to rely on observing only the effects of blood cell group actions. These technical advances allow us to get at the underlying processes that cause those effects to happen in real time.”