MediPharm Labs buys 5 thousand KGs of Dried Cannabis for the production of the Cannabis Oil under a Private Label as well as launching the latest White Label Solutions program

MediPharm Labs Corporation, which is a worldwide leading firm specialized in the research-oriented extraction of cannabis, refinement, cleansing and isolation of the cannabinoid, pleasantly declared that their completely owned minor part, MediPharm Labs Incorporation, would be having two purchase agreements with different cultivators of cnnabis, which would successfully allow them to acquire more than 5 thousand KGs of the supply of dried cannabis within the ending weeks of March 2019. Additionally, along with the ongoing once-a-month procurement tactic of the Medi-Pharm, this enormous volume of the dried cannabis supply that has been purchased would tactically allow the company to be in position to ensure significant rise in the sales of the concentrates of cannabis.

According to the CEO of MediPharm labs, Mr. Patrick McCutcheon: “With our extensive network of cultivation partnerships, we continue to secure and purchase increasing volumes of additional dried cannabis supply to further boost our sizeable inventory of high-quality pharma-grade cannabis oil,”

He further added that: “As extraction specialists, we are diligently executing on ramping up operations ahead of the legalization of concentrates-based vapeables, topicals and edibles this fall, and for our upcoming EU GMP certification, that we expect will significantly increase the size of our addressable market. We continue to aggressively build our inventory to enhance sustainable, uninterrupted high-margin private-label production and maintain our leadership position in the global cannabis industry value chain.”

The launch of the White label solution platform by the MediPharm Labs was pleasantly announced by the firm as it would allow the boosting of the operations of the firm thriving in addition to the latest evolution of the industry due to the Cannabis Act in Canada, which is most likely to legalize the products before the fall of 2019.