Medicinal cannabis events to be held in Australia in the year 2020

The medicinal cannabis industry as of yet is still in its development phases in the state of Australia and is yet to be shaped. A report that was presented last year, on the review of the act by Professor John McMillan AO namely, Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 made in total 26 recommendations. All these recommendations have been accepted by Australian government.

We will now enlist some of these recommendations. They include one recommendation to replace the licensing scheme that is currently followed, under which the licenses for the cultivation and the production of plants, the research and also the manufacture that are currently granted separately, should all be included in a single license model. The consultation period for this newly introduced license model is planned to remain open until the 3rd of February, 2020.

Greg Hunt, Minister for Health, said that the implementation of these recommendations is significantly important for both businesses and most importantly patients.

He added that cutting red tape and the streamlining of the processes will only strengthen this evolving industry and it’s highly important. He also added that it will ensure that the medicinal cannabis is only available to the Australian patients under some proper medical supervision.

The Market Herald has made a list of 5 medicinal cannabis events for the year 2020, covering all the important topics ranging from its licensing, cultivation and its extraction processes to the up-to-date medical research on its applications and uses.

This event led by the industry is the inaugural conference that is organized by the MCIA (Medicinal Cannabis Industry Australia). A Cannabis will cover all relevant set of people including the policy makers, global leaders, government, healthcare professionals, business, biotech, cultivators, manufacturers, medtech, agtech, patients and the industry participants.