Measles epidemic in the schools of London stimulates immediate MMR warnings to the anti-vaxxer parents via letter by PHE

After an enormous increase in the number of measles cases, 3 Central London Boroughs have received a high alert.

Health specialists have given a warning regarding the severely infectious bug which has the tendency of spreading very quickly in the children who have not received the vaccination, amongst the apprehension of an epidemic, after the record cases of the disease through Europe.

A letter was sent last week by the Public Health England to the head teachers from Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster, and Hammersmith & Fulham, giving them warning of the outburst in the West London. In the letter, the warning has been given that the schools which got affected are the Saint Marylebone Church of England School, Chelsea Academy as well as Fulham Boys School.

Consultant in Public Health Engineering Dept, Doctor Janet Lo, wrote to the chiefs of various areas rather than targeting individual schools, advising them to stay watchful for any new cases being reported to your schools.

In the letter following information was also delivered: “We will urge you strongly to make sure that your parents and the staff are very well aware of the vitality of the mumps, rubella, and measles vaccine, and highly encourage them and their children to get the vaccination.”

Doctor Lo further warned that because children from one school might have siblings at the other which would result in the spread of the virus from one place to the other.

Measles is an extremely transmissible viral disease which can prove to be life-threatening as well. it flies and spreads through small droplets which are exhaled from the nostrils and the mouth when an infected person sneezes or coughs.

You can get caught by the bug if you breathe in these droplets, but also if you accidentally touch any surface which the infected droplets have been settled on.

The first symptom of measles is a skin rash. However, by getting vaccinated the fear of being affected can be eliminated.