Many workers in the field of healthcare are in the need of learning English

It will be unfair to overstate the significance of nursing jobs. They are the major providers of 90 percent of all the healthcare services around the world.

Many countries are facing the shortages of nurses, despite their importance. The World Health Organization has identified the major need for health care workers all over the world, especially the nurses and the midwives. Even the U.S and various other nation where English is spoken are experiencing huge shortages.

However, no matter which country the nurses are working in, at some point in their work life, they might face the need to do communication in English. The reason behind this is that there is a continuous growth in the use of English Language in medical settings all over the world.

When thinking of nurses, the very first thing which comes to your mind is any hospital. However, there are countless other places where nurses work like private homes, assisted living centers, schools, as well as health clinics. They work on the bases of the military in disaster situations as well as refugee camps worldwide.

Within nursing, there are numerous specializations. Oncology, surgery, anesthesia, midwifery and cardiac care are just some examples. Nurses might work in one or in some cases in more than one specialized areas throughout their work life.

Charlotte Nwogwugwu has a vast knowledge about nursing and has worked in a wide range of specialized settings.

Charlotte Nwogwugwu knows all about nursing, having worked in a number of specializations and settings. During her 13 years of experience in health care, she has givens services in the form of a psychiatric nurse, surgical nurse, global health nurse as well as an orthopedic nurse.  She has also taken students across the countries for their experience in the field of global health.

According to her, she was very eager to know more and improve the quality of nursing and the ability to speak the language of English fluently. Which for her, also, also required practicing. A lot of other nurses she knew to do that as well.

Hence, in order for nurses to communicate in a better way it is with time becoming a necessity to be fluent in the English Language.