Male and Female Hormones Can Be Distinguished

Male and female hormones are of different affects and appearances. However, it gets hard for tests to determine the difference of both hormones and distinguishing between them. It is important to differentiate between both hormones to be able to use them as needed in future results.

A recent study conducted by a team of scientists from Tokyo Tech’s Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science were able to create and develop a receptor that can differentiate between both hormones. The receptor is an artificial design that is capable to combine strongly with male hormones called androgenic in water. This helps to distinguish between male and female hormones using it.

The study was published in the Science Advances journal, where it is discussed to be a new biomimetics nature technology. The study was led by Michito Yoshizawa and Masahiro Yamashina who commented on their results saying, “Natural biological receptors can recognize tiny structural differences between male and female steroid hormones using their protein pockets. However, it has been challenging to emulate this function artificially until now. We envision that our synthetic receptor will be used for the development of practical, ultrasensitive analytical devices for steroid sex hormones, ranging from medical tools to doping controls in sports, in the near future”

The study showed results of almost 98% selectivity, which is the highest value ever obtained addressing the theory. Differentiating between both hormones of males and females can be used for many different users in the future.