Lower Education is Related To Higher Risk Of Liver Cancer

Liver diseases are getting more common and viral in our century due to the high rates of dangerous minerals in our everyday intake of nutrients. This includes waste materials, bacteria, wrongful minerals and much more toxins that enter the body through unhealthy habits (drinking and smoking).

The liver is considered as the detoxing agent of the body that works on getting rid of all these unwanted material. This causes a risk of dysfunction in the liver leading to bigger complications. However,  a recent study was concerned with the rates of liver cancer forming in humans. The numbers have shown that people who receive less education are more liable to develop liver cancer than others.

This study was conducted by a team of researchers led by Jiemin Ma who is a MHS, of the American Cancer Society. The relation is due to the wrong habits that people with less education or lower socioeconomic groups might develop due to their lack of understanding of the harm caused. The study was based on results obtained from an earlier study conducted by National Vital Statistics System of the National Center for Health Statistics from 2000-2015.

The numbers were studied, looking for any sequences or trends in the death rates trying to find reasons behind the development of cancer. Dr. Ma commented on her results saying, “Classifying liver cancer deaths into HCV-related and HCV-unrelated groups allowed us to more thoroughly understand the recent pattern of liver cancer mortality.”