Listeria Is Now Treatable

Listeria is a disease that can be caught through eating unclean food. It is a very rare disease but it is definitely dangerous. A new study conducted by a team of scientists from the New North Carolina State University have observed a new protein that kills cells. This protein might be the new breakthrough in treating listeria

The only problem with such proteins is the fact that they kill the host cells in the approach of trying to kill the bacteria too. However, when tested on Listeria, the protein showed a method of killing the bacteria without affecting the host cells. These proteins include the RIPK3 and MLKL proteins which when tested on the disease in the gastrointestinal tract was able to keep the cells and kill the virus.

The study was led by a professor of biological sciences and a toxicology research associate called Jun Ninomiya-Tsuji and Kazuhito Sai respectively. They commented on their study and the results saying, “While we’ve shown that these proteins take on a different function in intestinal epithelial cells than they do in immune cells, we’re still not sure how or why this differentiation occurs. These proteins induce cell death to prevent certain infections, particularly in immune cells. Inducing death of epithelial cells in the GI tract may cause removal of an important barrier to viruses and bacteria, so it’s possible that these proteins recognize that killing these cells could make things worse instead of better.”