Legacy Raises 1.5 million US Dollars

Legacy, a male fertility startup based out of Harvard Innovation Labs, today announced 1.5 Million US Dollars in the latest funding initiated by the Bain Capital Ventures. The funds will be used to expand Legacy’s suite of male fertility offerings to include sperm analysis, improvement, and cryogenic storage.

Legacy is capitalizing on its position as the leader in the fast-growing male fertility space with its expertise in fertility, a world-class advisory board, and a background in rigorous data analytics.

To this end, Legacy has created a straightforward and affordable option for men to have their sperm tested, improved and frozen without visiting a clinic or meeting with a doctor. Clients have the Legacy kit shipped to their door before sending it back to one of Legacy’s partner clinics for clinical-level analysis. Within 24 hours, every client receives a full fertility report that analyzes volume, count, concentration, motility, and morphology, as well as the option to freeze their deposit at world-class cryogenic storage facilities.

In particular, the 40 percent of couples that are not able to conceive within six months are turning to Legacy for a straightforward, affordable option for at-home male fertility testing. Daniel Madero, Legacy’s Head of Partnerships notes, “It’s time for us to change the outdated view that fertility is a women’s issue. Today, about one in seven couples are infertile, and 30-50 percent of the time it’s due to male-factor infertility. And with couples increasingly choosing to delay family planning, we’re seeing a compounding negative effect on fertility, especially as men face ongoing declines in sperm quality each year they get older.”

Through Harvard Innovation Labs, Legacy has brought on data scientists that have developed a recommendation engine that analyzes over 50 data points per client and provides a personalized assessment and lifestyle recommendations. But in stark contrast to health, wellness, and genetics companies today, Legacy has taken a clear stance on privacy, refusing to sell its clients’ data to external parties.