Leading Institutions Come Together to Find Solutions for Ocean Challenges

Many institutions of ocean science and engineering will be working together for the creation of Ocean Visions that is a venture for the conservation of ocean, led by scientists that have collaborated with best researchers, entrepreneurs, and conservationists that are devoted to solving the biggest challenges faced by ocean health.

It is very upsetting that ocean health is continuing to decline due to overfishing, pollution and climate change. Our ocean is becoming more acidic and warmer due to climate change and is in return harming the critical ecosystems of the ocean.

“The ocean is our past and our future. Healthy people, healthy communities and healthy economies depend directly on a healthy ocean,” said Dr. Jane Lubchenco. “Ocean Visions is a pioneering endeavor that is committed to delivering comprehensive, science-led solutions to the ocean’s many challenges – solutions that are scalable at a global level. That has never been done before.”

In order to nurture these solutions, Ocean Visions has decided to generate a new network that will help in bringing together industries, public and private groups, and NGOs to focus on research, and to regularly host summits that will highlight latest studies and concepts addressing the needs of ocean conservation. They will also be launching programs for fostering a community of engineers, policy makers, stakeholders, scientists, and many other groups that are able to exchange experience and knowledge. Furthermore, startup competitions will also be sponsored.

“Addressing the challenges facing our oceans will take an ambitious effort that brings together the best talent in our nation,” said Dr.G. Wayne Clough, who will be opening the summit. “Ocean Visions is unique because it is led by trusted institutions and top scientists and researchers in ocean conservation working together to formulate a call to action to foster, support and advance innovative and viable solutions that can make a difference.”

“Ocean Visions provides much-needed optimism for the future of our oceans,” said Dr. Emanuele Di Lorenzo. “It establishes a playground for innovative solutions by bringing together the leading minds in ocean conservation who are dedicated to sharing experiences as well as brainstorming and supporting better solutions.”