Launch of Safe Journey campaign by MSD Animal Health

The Safe Journey campaign has been launched by MSD Animal Health which gives the pet owners and vets an access to educational resources concerning the likely risk of exotic disease while abroad, such as rabies, ehrlichiosis, dirofilariasis, babesiosis, leishmaniasis, leptospirosis, Echinococcus multilocularis, and the linked information required for the prevention, as well as, reduction of such risks. There is social media material, veterinary practice posters, and information which have all the details regarding the risks & what preparations are required before embarking on a journey with your pet. The campaign is a part of Keeping Britain’s Pets Healthy initiative of the MSD Animal Health, in preparation for the unavoidable mount in the number of pets being taken out of the country during the school vacations.

Claire Gotto who is the Veterinary Advisor at MSD Animal Health stated that the MSD Animal Health has launched the Safe Journey campaign which gives vets, as well as, pet owners access to educational resources related to the possible risk of exotic disease whilst they are out of the country.

She further said that with the rising number of pets traveling out of the country and the risk of exposure to exotic diseases, there is a need to ensure Britain’s pets are well-protected by providing the pet owners with advice on all-inclusive preventative healthcare for their traveling pets. This is particularly vital because pet travel legislation is mainly in place to protect human health, and pet owners may be not aware of the same risks to their pets. Gotto further said that as an industry, we should hence be encouraging preventative healthcare, in addition to the legislation, in order to protect not only the individual pets traveling abroad from exotic disease but also the United Kingdom pet population as a whole.