Klobuchar stated that she’s proposing ‘bold’ plans to help the Americans

Amy Klobuchar who is an American lawyer, as well as, a politician serving as the senior United States Senator from Minnesota. She defended her policy proposals, which were criticized by some progressives for being too mainstream as compared to the other fellows of fellow 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

She stated on this Sunday on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ that she looks people in the eye and tells them the truth that she’s honest about how we think we can move forward.

She added on that she thinks there are a lot of people making promises and that she isn’t going to make promises just to get elected. She is not running for the chair of the Democratic National Convention, she is running for the president of the United States which means that she has to bring the people together and find that common ground in her own party.

In addition to this, Klobuchar said that she’s proposing ‘bold’ plans to help the Americans.

She presented her plan to double the Grants of Federal Pell in order to help the students in affording the College, which does not go as far as some of her opponent’s proposals particularly Elizabeth Warren & Sens. Bernie Sanders, who have proposed forgiving student loan debt and universal free public college tuition.

By saying that she wants to ensure that the money is going to the people who are in dire need of it rather than a bunch of rich kids, she defended her plan.

She also said she wants to take on the pharma industry, and offer an option for public healthcare.

She stated that those are the huge bold things which haven’t been done. And a few of my colleagues, yes you call them huge & huge promises, however, I think that what is most vital to the American people is that we actually get those things done