Kibow® Biotech Inc. launches its Pharmaceutical Division to Develop a Live Biotherapeutic Drug

Kibow® Biotech Inc, a pioneering probiotic company in kidney modulation with its novel “Enteric Dialysis” technology platform, is celebrating its 22-year day on October 1st, 2019. This innovative company began with the thought that modulating the kidney microbiome might facilitate people with chronic renal disorder (CKD), a gaggle with restricted treatment choices.

For twenty-two years, Kibow has targeted on researching and developing excretory organ health dietary supplement merchandise supported the thought of countervailing failing excretory organ perform by utilizing the microbiome of the internal organs to get rid of toxins. This can be supported the properties of extremely strain-specific and selective probiotics and prebiotics for many gut modulating applications. Kibow is well recognized for its flagship product Renadyl, Kibow Fortis (a multi-fiber for wellness), Kibow Flora for humans, and Azodyl a veterinary renal disorder product designed particularly for cats and dogs. The corporate is additionally exploring the event of recent organ function-targeted dietary supplement merchandise and therefore increasing its portfolio of merchandise within the next year.

As probiotics are live microbes, this new product can comprise the Live Biotherapeutic Product (LBP) medication under the middle for Biological analysis (CBER) and therefore the U.S.A. FDA laws. This can be the primary LBP drug for CKD patients within the U.S. and would qualify for medical compensation. The corporate is initiating the IND method and is designing the specified clinical trials. Upon productive completion of the projected irregular, controlled clinical studies in CKD III/IV patients and submission of information to FDA for review and approval, Kibow can change to launch its LBP drug product in 2023 within the US similarly as different countries. This can facilitate make sure that more patients are going to be ready to access and afford this novel treatment possibility.