Joint efforts in Bangladesh and the United Kingdom for Promoting good health

On Monday, the Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC), M Atiqul Islam emphasized on the Sustainable Development Goal-3 that was ‘good health as well as wellbeing’ for dealing in a better way with the non-communicable diseases.

He said that he wanted to work closely with the initiative of the government on the non-communicable diseases, icddr,b and several other organizations for undertaking the change in behavior of the campaign for increasing awareness regarding cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and kidney disease.

In an address to a function, Atiqul Islam said that he would make the digital boards available in DNCC markets to disseminate messages of a healthy lifestyle.

A project of icddr,b, Strengthening Health, Applying Research Evidence (SHARE) in collaboration with thr University College London (UCL), the UK organized the event for discussing and launching two documentary films on the prevention of these diseases in the urban adolescents.

The collaboration has started a public engagement program with the school students as well as the production of 2 documentary films where the students were behind the camera lens themselves.

The film called ‘The Dhaka Diaries’ involved the students of IPH School and College in Dhaka, Bangladesh, whereas ‘The Food Diaries’ involved the students from the Perse School (Cambridge) along with the Cayley School (London).

The students would capture their everyday environments for sharing their own perspectives on how the unhealthy diets were being driven.

Senior director of the Maternal and Child Health Division at the icddr,b, Dr. Shams El Arifeen emphasized the importance of a lifestyle and changes in diet for preventing non-communicable diseases.