Japan rugby world cup 2019 monitored by ECDC to detect rubella and measles cases.

The European Centers for disease management (ECDC) rumored it’s watching the rugby football World Cup 2019 in Japan to ‘detect threats to public health.’ 

This worldwide event continues through November 20, 2019, and includes 20 international groups competitory in 12 stadiums across Japan, hosting around 400,000 rugby football guests.

Since this competition could be a ‘mass-gathering,’ the ECDC is watching Japan’s in progress communicable disease outbreaks of rubella and rubella viruses. 

As of October 11, 2019, the ECDC rumored ‘no major health events are detected.’

But, a rubeola alert was issued by authorities of Kawasaki town and capital of Japan Metropolis to tell the overall public on potential exposure to rubeola within the conveyance system between September 21-25th.

In total, Japan has rumored 693 rubeola cases, as of September 25, 2019.

The ECDC says most of the rubeola cases in 2019 are rumored to be from Roumania (2,770), France (2,429), Italy (1,571), Poland (1,368), and Republic of Bulgaria (1,173).

Moreover, E.C.U. Regional Verification Commission for rubeola and three-day measles Elimination (R.V.C.) determined that, for the first time since the verification method began in 2012, the countries of Balkan nation, the Czech Republic, Greece, and also the U.K. lost their measles elimination standing.