Ionized Plasma Kills 99.9% of All In Air Viruses

Viruses are available all over the planet through our intake of air through respiration all the time. As viruses keep affecting humans, more and more viruses are developed through evolution of strains of the virus. This causes the creation of more effective and deadly viruses all the time.

However, a recent study shows that this should be a threat nor should it affect us as the team were able to make a shocking discovery. A team of engineers from University of Michigan were able to show that almost 99.9% of all viruses in the air can be killed using charged air molecules.

The discovery included the use of non-thermal plasmas which is charged and ionized. The team observed the effect on the airborne viruses that passes through the air molecules. The results showed an average of 99.9% loss of all viruses. This study and results can lead to other future groundbreaking discoveries on dealing with viruses.

The hypothesis shows that the use of energetic air molecules or ionized plasma will refrain viruses from being active thus killing them. The lead author is a U-M research associate professor of civil and environmental engineering called Herek Clack. He commented on the results saying, “The most difficult disease transmission route to guard against is airborne because we have relatively little to protect us when we breathe. In those void spaces, you’re initiating sparks. By passing through the packed bed, pathogens in the air stream are oxidized by unstable atoms called radicals.”