International students will get health insurance in the Netherlands

Whether you may have to be compelled to do away with Dutch insurance throughout your study in the Netherlands depends on varied factors. However long can you keep within the Netherlands? Does one have insurance in your home country? Read a lot find out.

Is Dutch insurance obligatory for international students within the Netherlands?

So, once is Dutch insurance obligatory and once is it not? As explicit earlier, it all depends on your personal situation:

International students staying quickly

Dutch insurance is obligatory once the Dutch government considers you a resident of the European nation. This suggests that, generally, international students aren’t duty-bound to require out Dutch insurance, since their keep within the Kingdom of The Netherlands is barely temporary.

Working within the Kingdom of The Netherlands throughout your studies

Once you begin operating within the Kingdom of The Netherlands throughout your studies, whether or not you’ve got taken on a little part-time job, otherwise you do a paid internship or volunteer work that you’re obtaining an allowance, you may probably be insured below the Wlz theme (the long Care Act), and this suggests you may be obligated to require out Dutch insurance. Please note, a zero-hour contract additionally counts as employment