In the United Kingdom, Deadly ticks are found who carry Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus

According to the health officials, a tick has been found which is capable of transporting the deadly Ebola-like virus with it in the United Kingdom after spreading and moving across Europe.

Usually, the tick which sucks blood is found either in Asia, Africa or other parts of Southern Europe. However, the Public Health England claims that one type which is 10 times more giant than the usual tick was found in Dorset a year ago.

After conductance of tests, it was found that this creature carried the ‘Rickettsia spotted fever’ which can result in blisters, headaches, and cramps in humans.

However, the ticks have also known to be carrying the dangerous Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus with it, which is a highly dangerous virus also known as the ‘next Ebola’.

The deadly virus, which is also called Congo Fever, has caused deaths in almost 2/5th of all the cases. Till now there is no availability of any proven vaccines for its prevention.

Those who are unfortunate enough to get targeted by the disease frequently suffer from internal bleeding and then later their organs fail.

According to the World Health Organization, Ebola is also classified as a hemorrhagic fever virus.

Recently, an outbreak of the disease took the life of 2 people, inclusive of a boy who was 5 years old, while around 1.4k has passed away in Congo since August.

In Wimborne Dorset, a vet removed a tick from a horse during surgery and sent it to the Public Health Engineering for the analysis.

The leader of agency’s tick investigation team, Kayleigh Hansford, passed the following statement: “This is for the first time Hyalomma rufipes has been reported in the UK. The lack of distance traveled by the horse, or no contact with other horses, suggests that this could be the very first evidence of fruitful moulting of a Hyalomma nymph in the United Kingdom.”