Improvements in the United Kingdom’s air quality led to a significant decline in the death rate

Over the last 50 years, improvements in the air quality have led to a notable decrease in the death rate in the United Kingdom.

According to a recent study which was published in the journal Environmental Research Letters this week, there has been a significant reduction in the levels of fine particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen, SO2, as well as, non-methane volatile organic compounds in the United Kingdom.

As a consequence, the death rate for the respiratory disease either worsened or caused by pollution dropped by 56%. The death rate for cardiovascular diseases either worsened or caused by pollution dropped by 44%. Researchers determined that the reduction in the particulate matter, as well as, nitrogen dioxide provided huge human health benefits.

Researchers told that the improvement in technology was associated with the decline in air pollutants.

Researcher at the Center for Ecology and Hydrology ‘Edward Carnell’ stated that the advancement in the technology over the last four decades, such as the 3-way catalytic converter for vehicles & devices for the reduction of nitrogen & Sulphur dioxide emissions from huge power plants have resulted in the significant decline in emission levels and hence enhanced public health. Carnell stated in a news release that the It is the legislation which has stimulated these technological improvements.

He further told that the results give a demonstration on the effectiveness of a series of policies at the United Kingdom & European level since the last 40 years and this research reinforces the efforts of the policy-makers in continuing the implantation of the much-required measures to further enhance the air quality.

In spite of the good news, air quality issues still prevail in the United Kingdom. In some cities, the levels of Nitrogen dioxide are still above the legal limit, and ammonia emissions have risen in recent years.