How much time spent in nature can benefit health and well-being? Study reveals

Did you know green spaces can prove to be a source of bringing goodness to your mind and body? Several studies have highlighted the importance and benefits of getting back to nature.

According to the most recent research, people who like to spend at least two hours every week in nature are more probable to positively report of their healthy being; not just physically but also mental well-being, as compared with those who do get exposed to nature at all.  It did not really matter how the 2 hours were spent or divided, whether it was a continuous walk for 2 hours or divided into numerous shorter ones, outcomes were similar.

Doctor Mathew P who is also the lead author stated that it is very well known that outdoor activities can bring benefits for well-being, as well as, the health of people but it has not been found for how much of exposure is enough up till now. In this research, mainly visits nature took place within two miles of residence hence if you visit the local greenspaces it can be beneficial. Hopefully, 2 hours a week is a realistic aim for the majority of the people, in particular given that it can be covered in the whole week to reap the benefit.

Another Doctor from the Institute for Housing & Urban Research at Uppsala University, Terry Hartig agreed with this and said that there are various reasons why time should be spent in the nature and how doing this might change perspective on life circumstance, leads to reduction in stress, and one also gets to enjoy quality time with family and friends. Findings from the current study provide valuable support to practitioners of health in giving recommendations and promoting basic health and well-being.