Highlights of the Russian President’s speech

There is a need for the country invigorate the economy. However, firstly we have to figure out where to locate the money from for the development of this work. This is why we have raised the value-added tax, and as being anticipated it boosted inflation, yet only for a temporary time. Personally, the Cabinet Ministers are responsible for the see-through of work.

Even though the earning has been raised to the subsistence minimum, but if someone says that they are not earning above the minimum average, then you have to check that whether that person is working only part-time. A few years back, there was a drop in the earnings due to economic shocks, not just because of the sanctions, but also because of the drop in the prices on our raw materials. Declining earnings are mainly because of borrowed credit. We have already taken steps to increase the wages, and there is an increase in the average pay.

There are so many issues prevailing here, but the major ones are the lack of availability of specialists, medical care, and deficiencies of certain medicines, and we are about to develop our first obstetric & aid centers, modify existing facilities, and develop mobile teams to bring aid to the villages. By means of video link, it has been told by the physicians that their incomes are way too low, but in fact, they are increasing across the country. They do agree that there are not enough subsidized medicines, however, there has been allocation of money, and people are just not able to spend the money in the correct manner.

During previous year’s “Direct Line,” we realized that no one in Russia wants to deal with waste management. The main reason for the trash buildup is that we have developed a consumer society where there are lots of packaged goods. No one is interested to reside nearby a landfill, which means we have to farther move the trash away.