Growing Blood Vessel Is Now Possible

As humans progress in age, they start losing the healthy functions of their cells. Many different cells lose their strength, shape and in turn their function. This problem is mainly common with the cardiovascular system where blood vessels lose their flexibility and durability. This leads to cuts in the vessels which should be treated through tissue repair mechanism.

However, as a person grows older this mechanism is slowed and might stop working which leads to blood vessels to stay weak in the body causing various diseases. This has inspired a team of researched from the the University of Virginia School of Medicine to find solutions to the loss of grow of blood vessels. Only recently, the study have reached the specific nutrients needed to grow blood vessels rapidly. Due to the observation, a light was shed on the reason behind failure of previous treatments. This development in the froth of blood vessels can be used for treatment of viral diseases and conditions including diabetes, strokes and heart problems.

The research led by PhD holder, Gary K. Owens, working as the director of UVA’s Robert M. Berne Cardiovascular Research Center, focused on finding a way to grow the external layer of the blood vessels rather than the various experiments focusing on the inner layer. This was the main reason behind the success in the results obtained.

“Most of the studies of angiogenesis [blood vessel formation] have focused on the inner lining of the pipes themselves. That’s fairly well understood. But it’s really not well understood how you get a complete functional blood vessel that can withstand the mechanical force exerted by blood pressure.”