Gluten Free Food Contain Gluten!

A new trend in nutrition lately is the gluten-free food which focuses on not using gluten or meat in any type of food. As people have moved forward towards such a diet or nutrition plan, many different restaurants and companies focused on providing gluten-free food as a mean to reach out to this certain target market.

However, a study conducted by a team of researchers, led by a doctor at the Celiac Disease Center at NY-Presbyterian Hospital and assistant professor of medicine and epidemiology at Columbia Mailman School called Benjamin Lebwohl was focused on measuring the levels of gluten in gluten-free food.

The study was published together with the results in the American Journal of Gastroenterology which provided shocking insights. The results showed that more than 50% of all pizzas and pasta that were indicated to be gluten free will actually contain different levels of gluten.

Dr. Lebwohl commented on the obtained results saying, “Patients have long suspected that gluten contamination in restaurant foods is a frequent occurrence, and these results support that. Our findings suggest that pizza, pasta, and foods served at dinner were more likely to have a problem.”

The study used a total of 5,624 samples of food that are said to be gluten free, which almost 804 different users ate. The study shows that almost 32% of this food contain a certain level of gluten in it. For pasta, almost 51% of the samples tested contained gluten.