Flood in Siberia continues causing damage and eroding farms

Flood in Siberia continues causing damage and eroding farms

Due to the floods, 12 people have lost their lives. The Russian Siberian region has been devastated because of the rising levels of water which has also driven many thousand people from their homes and plenty have been reported to be missing.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Vitaly Mutko stated that apart from the 12 deaths due to rising water, 150 people are still admitted in the hospital. Earlier it was reported by Tass News Agency that another 9 people, inclusive of a child, have been reported as missing.

According to the emergencies ministry of Russia, the main reason behind the severe flooding was the torrential rains which hit the area last week. There was a quick rise in the water levels of some rivers to more than 2m. There was a declaration of a state of emergency, with around 3,300 homes in fifty-five settlements flooded and almost 10 thousand people got affected till now.

So far 30 thousand people have been deprived of electricity supply, with water also causing damage to the roads hence causing traffic issues and limiting the traffic on a side of the federal highway. Numerous gas stations were also flooded leading to significant leaks of fuel.

Footage taken from drones of the area shows that the whole towns have almost been entirely submerged in floods.

A number of agricultural firms & farm households have been engulfed due to being in the flood zone, with more than 5 thousand cattle at risk of drowning. Around 140 animals have been rescued so far. Up to 800 tons of crops have been destroyed. Nearly 1/4th of the planted fields of the region are under water.

Residents of Siberia have accumulated around 100 tons of humanitarian aid (clothes, food, and drinking water) for people who have been driven from their abode because of flooding.