Fibromyalgia Can Now Be Detected Through Blood Tests

A very rare and queried disease is fibromyalgia, which gives patients a continuous feeling of pain throughout their body. People suffering from fibromyalgia are more sensitive to pain and might be always fatigued for no apparent reason. With limited information on the disease, different teams are trying to understand more and observe signs of its presence in the body.

Just recently a study led by a professor and rheumatologist in Ohio State’s College of Medicine  and the university’s Wexner Medical Center respectively, by the name of Dr. Kevin Hackshaw, found a groundbreaking discovery for all fibromyalgia patients. The observation shows that fibromyalgia can actually be detected in blood samples through certain tests.

The study was published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, which states that traces of the thumbprints of the disease are found in blood samples. This discovery is important as it will help identify the disease quickly, avoiding any misdiagnosis or waste of time for treatment.

Furthermore, Dr. Kevin believes that the discovered biomarkers might be used for understanding why the disease exists in humans and how to prevent it. “We found clear, reproducible metabolic patterns in the blood of dozens of patients with fibromyalgia. This brings us much closer to a blood test than we have ever been,” Dr. Kevin said.

Currently at this time and age there isn’t a medicine or cure for fibromyalgia. This disease is harmful and painful to patients suffering from it, with only pain meds to be used as means to sustain and handle the pain.