Fetal Brain Damage Prevented Through Choline In Vitamin B

The health of pregnant women is important to maintain as it has been seen to directly affect the fetus’ health. This includes the disease itself, transferring dangerous particles through the blood stream towards the fetus or even the medicine taken by the mother to contain dangerous substances for a delicate body like the fetus’.

The most common disease that pregnant women face is the common flu which has shown results in a previous study to be connected with brain damage to the fetus. However, a recent study has shown that Choline, which is a nutrient found in vitamin B, can be used to prevent brain damage towards fetus.

This study was conducted by a team from the University of Colorado School of Medicine faculty at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. It was led by the professor of psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine, Dr. Robert Freedman, who published the results in the Journal of Pediatrics. This is a ground breaking discovery due to the common severity of the flu and influenza affecting pregnant women.

Disease similar to Attention Deficit Disorder and Schizophrenia can now be avoided through this new discovery. Dr. Freedman stated, “Mothers want to give their babies the best possible start in life. Colds and flu are often unavoidable, even if the mother has had a flu shot. But colds and flu during pregnancy double the risk of future mental illnesses. More and more information show that choline helps the baby’s brain develop properly.”