Fed Court upholds dark web drug market conviction where bitcoin was used for payment

Aaron Shamo was guilty on August 30, 2019, in Utah court for “engaging in an exceedingly continued criminal enterprise, 3 counts of aiding and abetting the importation of a drug, possession of a drug with intent to distribute, manufacture of a drug, and 2 counts of knowing and intentional adulteration of medicine whereas command purchasable,” per an announcement related to the conviction.

Shamo ran a Dark web shopfront that allowed people to shop for medication with bitcoin. The consumers were people and alternative dealers around the country who may leverage Shamo’s contacts in China to induce Fentanyl and alternative opioids. when federal agents were able to gather proof on the operation, Shamo and his co-conspirators were indicted, and ultimately guilty. For the eleven-millionth time, the notion that bitcoin will do something to save lots of you from being guilty of crimes is here, again, debunked.

Shamo’s attorneys argued in their motion that there was scarce proof to sustain 2 of his convictions. His attorneys argued that he mustn’t be guilty of participating in an exceedingly continued criminal enterprise as a result of there was alternative proof that might are absolvitory

The defendant additionally captive to acquit was associated with his conviction for a death caused by Fentanyl. The judge fully shuts that down by noting that a medical scientist acknowledges the victim having Fentanyl in his system, which Shamo’s product was found at the scene. Alcohol and alternative medicine within the victim’s system couldn’t have caused the metastasis failure that caused the victim’s death, however, Fentanyl may.

The Dark internet remains a thriving marketplace for felonious things that are on the face of it additional simply purchased with crypto, however, the very fact which will use charming web cash to shop for and sell medication doesn’t mean that individuals won’t get caught for doing a similar.