Extraordinary contribution by a doctor towards innovation in medicine earned him Harrington Prize 2019

Doctor Carl June was awarded Harrington Prize 2019 by the Harrington Discovery Institute & the American Society for Clinical Investigation for bringing up notable innovation in Medicine.

Doctor June is a well-recognized Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and is also known for bringing advancements in the clinical & practical use of CAR T therapy for the treatment of cancer & his consistent contributions towards the field. New strategies for the treatment of cancer with CAR T therapy have also been developed by Doctor June. The Food & Drug Administration awarded the CAR T cells created in the laboratory of Doctor June as “Breakthrough Therapy” status in 2014.

Professor Kieren Marr, President of ASCI stated: “Dr. June’s extraordinary vision and dedication have helped to make the promise of cell-engineering a therapeutic reality while fundamentally changing the way we treat cancer patients. In this exciting and evolving field, built on many brilliant discoveries, his work on immune cell regulation and development of robust T cell culture systems make him an outstanding choice for the Harrington Prize for Innovation in Medicine.”

Furthermore, statements were also passed by the President of the Harrington Discovery Institute about Doctor June:  “We are thrilled to join the ASCI in honoring Dr. June and his team’s remarkable achievements, which represent a new paradigm for treating cancer. Dr. June is a true luminary whose work promises enormous impact on human health.”

On 5th April 2019 Apart from being awarded a $20,000 grant, Doctor June will also be delivering a lecture at the Joint meeting of AAP, APSA & ASCI. Moreover, an essay will also be published in the Journal of Clinical investigation and deliver a speech at the Harrington Scientific Symposium at Cleveland on the 23rd of May in 2019.