Excess Vitamin D Can Cause Kidney Failure

Vitamin D is well-known for its strong effect to the body and its positive value that is added to the human. However, a recent study as shown that an excess of the vitamin can actually cause many complications including kidney failure.

It is common that the excess use of any nutrient will lead to harmful effects, but vitamin D was a surprise due to its natural presence in most foods and in the sunlight. The hypothesis was based over a man  who suffered from kidney failure after long time sunbathing. The tests conducted on the patient showed increase in the vitamin D rates in his body.

This study was led by a Clinical Fellow in Home Dialysis at Toronto General Hospital and the University of Toronto by the name of Dr. Bourne Auguste. He commented on his findings and hypothesis stating, “Although vitamin D toxicity is rare owing to a large therapeutic range, its widespread availability in various over-the-counter formulations may pose a substantial risk to uninformed patients.”

The study focused on understanding the needed intake of vitamin D for adults together with the maximum amount that can be taken and the danger zone. The results showed that a daily of 400-1000 IU is the recommended amount for younger adults while 800-2000 IU recommended for adults at high-risk of osteoporosis and for older adults. The patients was seen to be intaking a total of 8000-12 000 IU daily which was definitely not healthy.