Donald Trump has forsaken pacts that the EU values & have shaken the confidence of Europe in the US

It is hard to overstate the dangers which have engulfed Europe. A hopelessly divided Britain is on the edge of crashing out of the EU with no deal, endangering economic turmoil, shortages of medicines, and disputes in Northern Ireland. Ambitious autocrats lead governments in Hungary and Poland which were once models of democratization. A heated mainstream movement with non-coherent demands is causing havoc in France. Predatory Russia is involved in aggravating the situation as well by means of twitter bots to assassins.

70 years of peace & prosperity have made it too easy to forget what happens when there will be a division of Europe. Over 100 million people, half of them Americans, were killed during WW I and WW II. Those two conflicts covered years and years of nearly nonstop fighting, conquest, & revolution. The recent stability of the continent is the exception, not the rule.

The peace originates mainly from American foreign policy. The US was crucial to defeating the fascist powers of the continent during WW II, facilitated in reviving its economy with the Marshall Plan, and now protects its security via the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Donald Trump has overlooked this history. He has forsaken pacts that the European Union values, such as the Iran nuclear deal & the Paris Agreement on climate change. He has tossed insults at the bloc’s leaders, posting tweets that French President ‘Emmanuel Macron’ suffers due to a very low Approval Rating and that the Germans are turning against Chancellor Angela Merkel. He has even threatened to withdraw from North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The actions of the American President have rocked the confidence of Europe in the United States. Last year, Merkel commented that ‘it’s no longer the case that the US will simply just protect us.”