Doctors Negatively Rate Russian Rural Health Program

In 2017, Vladimir Sotnikov moved on from Tomsk Medical University and joined the administration’s Rural Doctor program, an activity went for urging youthful therapeutic experts to work in remote rustic areas.

Sotnikov was sent to his home town of Aleksandrovskoye in a remote northern corner of Tomsk Oblast, about 1,600 kilometres from the common capital. The neighbourhood, 77-bed clinic serves the whole, inadequately populated area.

“My companions and relatives were there,” Sotnikov stated, reviewing his delight at having the option to return home. “Everything was recognizable to me. I was happy to return to my home.” After two years, be that as it may, Sotnikov is baffled and upset.

“In school, they instructed us to mend individuals. Be that as it may, in this emergency clinic, we simply disregard being specialists,” he said. “All they need is to have the option to send positive measurements to their managers.”

He referred to an ongoing “informal request” to enlist all coronary illness patients beyond 60 years old as experiencing different diseases. “That is the manner by which they diminish the mortality from coronary illness, and authorities can go on TV and report that all is well here, that individuals live long and glad lives before kicking the bucket of maturity,” Sotnikov said.

Sotnikov depicted a portion of the medical clinic’s practices as indecent, and others as by and large unlawful. Multiple times, he told RFE/RL, he was requested to round out false passing declarations; from that point forward, he can’t. He said he was given two reviles in the wake of testing this and other clinic rehearses, after which he was terminated.

The 30-year-old is testing his expulsion in court. On the off chance that he loses, he should reimburse the 1 million rubles ($15,200) he was given by the administration as a Rural Doctor program impetus. What’s more regrettable, Sotnikov stated, his restorative profession will probably be finished.

“In the event that they fire me, I won’t almost certainly fill in as a specialist any longer – nobody will employ me with such notoriety,” he told RFE/RL. “It doesn’t make a difference that there’s a lack of qualified faculty in Russian prescription and emergency clinics are asking for youthful specialists.”