Doctor Warren Olanow gets appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of the ProMis Neurosciences Inc.

A biotech company which has its focus on exploration & production of antibody therapeutics which targets contaminated oligomers associated in the creation of neurodegenerative diseases hailed Doctor Warren Olanow to its Scientific Advisory Board. Doctor Olanow has his career devoted to the study of neurodegeneration, in particular to Parkinson’s disease, through his incredible efforts in clinical trials, academia, professional societies, as well as, scientific research. As a member of Scientific Advisory Board, Doctor Alanow will be working with various other well-known members of the board to lead the development of the programs conducted by the company in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, all of which have their focus on targeting the contaminant oligomer selectively, which is a major root cause.

The Chief Scientific Officer, Doctor Neil Cashman, ProMIS Neurosciences Inc. passed the following statement regarding the appointment of Doctor Warren Olanow: “Doctor Olanow will hopefully bring to our Scientific Advisory Board profound knowledge and skills in neurodegeneration, with special focus on the Parkinson’s disease, as well as, the movement disorders. We feel very lucky to have such a talent, committed, and the proficient person on board with our company who would help in leading our work towards what we have been long awaited to do so i.e. proper treatment for these diseases which waste the brain. We hail Doctor Olanow and will be looking forward to working with him.”

The statement came from Doctor Olanow regarding his appointment. He stated: “My professional career throughout was focused on the study of neurodegenerative diseases, specifically the movement disorders like the Parkinson’s disease. I feel contented to be become part of the Scientific Advisory Board and look forward to work with the company and towards its ground-breaking approach of the development of antibodies which would selectively target the toxic oligomers of the protein.”