Dismissal of Deputy Governor after misleading about doctor salaries to Putin at the phone-in

The regional head, Andrei Chibis, gave an explanation of the decision telling that he was misled by his subordinate about the incomes in the region.

For the dismissal Inna Progrebnvak, the deputy of the Acting Governor of the region of Murmansk, Andrei Chibis, an order was signed. According to the head of the region, succeeding a national phone-in with Vladimir Putin, the case proved out to be of the deputy giving the head unreliable as well as wrong information about the salaries of the medical profession throughout the zone.

While commenting on the decision, Chibis told that for a number of reasons, Inna Pogrebnyak is not the member of the government anymore. The main focus is on the salaries of the health workers.  Even it can be shown by an express check that the head had been misled when he was told that there were not any doctors who make lesser than the existence minimum. Becomes known that there are.

He further told that now the authorities have intended to pay focus to the medicine. They will be fixing the ratio of incomes and extra allowances. According to the head, doctors are discouraged because of the lack of stability of income both from coming & hanging on in the region.

It was acknowledged by the governor that the provision of medicines to the residents of the Murmansk region presents severe problems. The matter was raised during the phone-in with Putin. It was admitted by Chibis that the insufficient measures being taken to decrease the reduce heart attack mortality as the region has the greatest heart attack mortality rate in the country.

He concluded by telling that the plans to reduce the heart attack mortality by 2024 are very non-ambitious. There are not enough measures being taken.