Development in Health-Tech in Indonesia and the Netherlands

The first panel mentioned the role of state in fast the event. Representing the Indonesian Government, dr. Agus Hadian Rahim, Sp.OT(K), M.Epid, MH.Kes (Ministry of Health) and Dr. I Nyoman Adhiarna (Ministry of Communication and Informatics) shared the recent developments in Dutch East Indies and the way each Ministries support health innovators that facilitate alleviate challenges within the provision of attention in Indonesia.

From the attitude of personal sector, Dr. Gregorius Bimantoro (Indonesia HealthTech Association) stressed the importance of cooperation between public and personal establishments in developing the sector. This can be additionally supported by Alex Holsbergen (Task Force attention NL) that shared the expertise of being active within the Dutch attention trade. Watching the shared challenges, representative from the Dutch Government, Joost Nuijten (Embassy) saw the chance for additional exchanges of data and experience between the 2 countries.

Experiences from the eyes of personal sector was the most deliverable of the second give-and-take, that includes Anda Sapardan (TeleCTG), Dr. Agnes Susanto (ProSehat), laurens van Hoorn (Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute), and Ronald Zwartkruis (Topicus). Panelists expressed the importance of abilities and funding in developing health innovation. Health innovators should go with numerous rules particularly since attention considerations the well-being of patients. Right partners and approaches are necessary factors to scaling up health innovation internationally. All panelists emphasized the key role of health technology to resolve existing challenges in attention provision.

Event was closed by networking session wherever participants will exchange experience and experiences.