Developed Method For Repairing Fetal Membrane

Complications during birth are something that is very common among pregnant women worldwide. These complications might lead to defects in the fetus or even in the mother herself. These complications can lead to the death of either body which is a huge problem. Yet, this has encouraged different teams to find more developed ways to handle the birth process.

A recent study conducted by a team of researchers at the Queen Mary University of London and University College London were able to develop a new technique that will help reduce birth complications or even prevent them. According to the study, the fetal membrane can now be repaired fully and efficiently to help prevent such complications.

The main source of complication during birth is the rupture or destruction of the fetal membrane surrounding the baby. This membrane protects the baby and holds the fluid that stabilizes the baby’s condition.

The new study finds a way to help repair any damage that occurred to the membrane thus keeping the baby protected. It mainly solves the most common disorder called pre-term premature rupture of the fetal membrane (PPROM). The study was led by Dr. Tina Chowdhury, who published it in the Scientific Reports journal.

She commented on her results saying, “We are using novel bioengineering tools at Queen Mary which have allowed us to test the tissue in a way that has never been done before. The bioengineering tools give us an understanding of both the mechanical as well as biological mechanisms involved and will help us to develop therapies that will reduce the number of preterm births.”