Determination of Russia & Iran to expand the technology ties

The Vice President of Iran for science and tech, Sorena Sattari stated that Moscow & Tehran are determined to expand their ties further in the field of technology.

In Moscow, in an address to trade meeting, the Vice President called for strengthen ties between Tehran & Moscow in this area & added the cooperation of both sides in the field of tech has been establishing through a distinctive mechanism over the past years.

He stated that we hope that new areas like airspace, biotech, nanotech, cognitive sciences, and energies could provide Russia & Iran with a better chance to make further advancement in the region.

Sattari also gave reference of the presence of at least 4400 knowledge-based companies in Iran & stated that the companies can be a source of ample opportunity for Iran and Foreign investors of making an investment, as well as, entering the international markets.

Companies in Iran have already made enormous progress in the field of medical science, he stated, adding that today people from Turkey, Russia, and various other regional states getting treatment from medicines which are manufactured by Iranian biotech firms.

Sattari noted that a leading Iranian-based firm has effectively managed to manufacture medicines to treat at least four incurable diseases, labeling the achievement as a unique one in Western Asia.

Meanwhile, Ambassador of Iran to Moscow took the podium in the meeting and stated that Russia and Iran have been developing their ties in numerous areas over the past months, however, the two sides should further expand their mutual ties amidst the current United States sanctions.

Mehdi Sanaee further said that Iran & Russia should enter into the current economic capacities to increase their mutual relations.

Reference of the latest Eurasia agreements signed between Iran &the Economic Union was given by him and he stated that the agreements can make way for the expansion of economic ties between the Islamic Republic and its northern neighboring.