Culinda and ECFIRST Collaborate to Deliver Specialized Medical IoT Cybersecurity Solutions

AI-Based Culinda Solution Integrates ECFIRST Specialized Cyber Assessment Service

Culinda Inc., a medical IoT security company based in Irvine, CA, and ecfirst, a leading healthcare cybersecurity services firm, announced the execution of an agreement to collaborate on Culinda’s AI-based medical security solution for health systems and hospitals across the United States.

“I am pleased to announce that Culinda has chosen ECFIRST as a partner for cybersecurity solutions for all biomedical devices in hospitals across the United States,” said Culinda co-founder and CEO, Sreekant Gotti.

With 15 to 20 connected medical devices in a typical hospital room, and an average of 6.2 vulnerabilities on each medical device, the risk to patients and the business is significant.

Consider the facts about the risk associated with medical devices found in the Medical Device Report, Cybersecurity Ventures, and February 19, 2019: •      The worldwide market for medicinal gadget advancements is relied upon to surpass $674 billion by 2022. The U.S. speaks to around 40% of the worldwide medicinal gadget showcase.

  • The number of IoT gadgets in an emergency clinic can be more than double the quantity of customary organized gadgets, for example, PCs and cell phones.
  • 60% of therapeutic gadgets are toward the finish of-life organized, without any patches or updates accessible.
  • Biomedical gadgets being used by medical clinics and other human services associations normal 20+ long stretches of utilization per gadget, making them ideal objectives for programmers.
  • Gartner predicts that by 2020, over 25% of digital assaults in social insurance conveyance associations include the IoT.

“With profound mastery conveying HIPAA, NIST, and for as far back as couple of years HITRUST digital answers for medicinal services associations over the U.S., ECFIRST extends its incentive to the business by incorporating Culinda’s fitting n-play, AI based restorative IoT security arrangement,” said Ali Pabrai, ECFIRST CEO. “Culinda’s usage robotizes the ID, classification and prioritization everything being equal and their related vulnerabilities, in this way giving further ability to checking and overseeing digital hazard.”