Conditions of health in the United States

243 years ago, on this day, the final text of the ‘Declaration of Independence’ was approved by the Second Continental Congress with this statement, the first thirteen states which were to form the USA made a combine decision which was the initiation of a young & idealistic republic founded on the ground that All men are created equal are gifted with the unalienable rights of liberty, life, and the pursuit of contentment.

As part of the celebrations of 4th July, an approximated 285M pounds of fireworks which costs more than billion dollars will be lighting up the skies, momentarily raising the airborne pollution by about 42 percent which is barely a responsible statement given that climate change is one of the threatening factors of this country.

Celebrations around this day will see thousands of people heading towards the emergency rooms of hospitals due to being hurt with firework-related injuries, and last year 4 people were known to have lost their lives around this holiday period from these injuries.

The United States leads the world with the greatest number of people with an estimate of 2.3M people are in jail.

While nearly all of the world’s countries are experiencing swiftly increasing life expectancy, the United States has experienced a drop in life expectancy for 4 years in a row. This phenomenon is stimulated by climbing mortality rates during middle age, which was first observed four years ago among white men but is now more universal. People who identify as Hispanic, white, Asian are all showing a downward trend in life expectancy. Many of the conditions which contribute to mounting midlife mortality rates are likely preventable and are inclusive of metabolic disorders, suicides, hypertensive disease, opioid & substance abuse, poor mental health, homicides, etc.