Colombia, Chile, and the US alleged as being conspirators of the military plot to assassinate of Venezuela’s President

The Socialist government of Venezuela stated that on Wednesday it had wrecked an attempted coup, asking for Chile, US and Colombia conspired in a military plot to murder the President ‘Nicolas Maduro’ and rather set up a general & former Minister of Defense in this position.

‘Jorge Rodriguez’ who is the Communications Minister stated that the plan involved the active, as well as, retired military officers and was planned to take place in the last weekend between Sunday & Monday.

He said that we were all in the meeting to plan the overthrow. We were present in all of the conferences. By that Rodriguez meant that the government informers had penetrated the suspected plotters during the planning meetings.

Right-wing President of Colombia ‘Ivan Duque’ was also accused of planning the overthrow, as well as, murdering of the president. In addition to this, President of Chile was also associated with being conservative and the National Security Advisory of the United States ‘John Bolton’ was also accused of the plot.

In a televised speech in Caracas, the Minister said that at least 6 of the suspected plotters had been held.

The arrest of 4 officers took place on last Friday, a move which was criticized by the opposition leader ‘Juan Guaido’ on Tuesday while he passed the statement. Even though there are no details of the situation, or the reason behind the arrests haven’t emerged.

Ramon Saavedra who got arrested by the intelligence agents on Wednesday was identified as the nephew of the retired General.

According to Communications Minister, investigation of the plotters and recorded confession of Saavedra unveiled that the plan covered the takeover of 4 bases of the military, inclusive of the La Carlota air base in Caracas.

The plotters wanted to spring the former defense minister from jail to set him up in the seat of Presidency.