College Students Gets Affected Negatively Due To High Stress Levels Leading To Substance Abuse

It is well known that years of college might be the most hectic years in the life of teens. This is due to the pressure, the loads of work and different peer pressure that is only available at this age. However, we have never actually took the time to know how dangerous this stress level actually is and how negatively does it affect teens.

A new study conducted by a team of researchers from the Binghamton University, State University of New York have shown that stress level for college students is the main cause for reaching substance abuse and poor academics. This stress leads to many different harmful effects on the healthy and social level of the students.

The study was led by an assistant professor of Health and Wellness Studies at Binghamton University called Lina Begdache. She commented on her results saying, “We used a robust data-mining technique to identify associations between mental distress in college students with substance abuse, sleep, social behaviors, academic attitude and behaviors, and GPA (short-term and long-term as reflective of academic performance).”

“Positive behaviors such as abstinence from substance use, studious attitudes and responsibility toward work and family are reflective of a brain chemistry profile that supports mood and maturation of the prefrontal cortex of the brain. The latter matures last and supports impulse and emotional control as well as rationalization of thoughts,” says Lina.