China sends more medical assistance in Venezuela

Li Baorong who is the Ambassador of the Chinese Republic and Carlos Alvarado who is the Health Minister of Venezuela signs an agreement of co-operation in the medical aid as constant medical assistance is sent by China.

In Vargas State of the Maiquetia, a cargo plane of China arrived on Monday which was full of materials and supplies for the hospitals of the national public system of Venezuela.

The medical supplies which were delivered in quantity of 58 tons were recognized as another unspoken signal by the President of Venezuela that the country is indeed facing a humanitarian crisis.

Health Minister of Venezuela, Carlos Alvarado criticized the ‘criminal blockage which the government of the United States imposed’ while the Ambassador or China ‘Li Baorong’ stated that the assistance would help to eradicate some of the intense loss that was caused by the foreign sanctions.

This is the 4th plane which arrived in Venezuela as a part of the agreement of co-operation signed between the two nations.

Alvarado passed the following statement: “We have received 425 tons of medicines as well as other health supplies during this year which are helpful for overcoming the criminal blockade which was imposed by the government of United States against the people of Venezuela.”

Furthermore, the hospitals in Venezuela frequently operate without the presence of essential supplies, asking the patients to bring with them the surgical gears and the necessary medicines.

On Monday, it was said by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia that Moscow was now ready for playing a part in the negotiation between the government of Venezuela and the opposition going on in Oslo if the people taking part in it felt it was beneficial. The ministry passed a statement that mentioned it was welcoming the fact that there was a continuation of talks. However, it warned against any non-internal powers to try to impose ultimatums on the leadership of Venezuela.