Cequa is launched by sun pharma to treat dry eye disease in the US

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries limited on Monday conversant the exchanges regarding launching of CEQUA for the treatment of dry disease within the U.S.
Sun Pharma, in an exceeding handout, declared that it’s entirely in hand subsidiaries have commercialized CEQUA, that offers the best concentration of cyclosporine for ophthalmic use approved by the U.S. Food and medicines Administration (FDA). CEQUA is indicated to extend tear production in patients with kerato inflammation sicca within the U.S.
CEQUA is that the initial and solely federal agency approved cyclosporine treatment delivered with nanomicellar (NCELL) technology, that helps to boost the bio availableness and chemical stability of cyclosporine, leading to an improved ocular tissue penetration
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries restricted is an Indian international company that manufactures and sells pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients primarily in India and u. s.. the corporate offers formulations in numerous therapeutic areas like medical specialty, psychiatry, neurology, medical specialty and diabetology. It additionally provides Apis like anticoagulant, carbamazepine, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, and clorazepate moreover as anti-cancer, steroids, peptides, sex hormones and controlled substances.
On Monday, the stock of Sun Pharmaceutical opened at Rs. 386.30 per share and created an intraday high and low of Rs. 399.00 and Rs. 386.30, severally on the bovine spongiform encephalitis
The stock closed at Rs. 394.46, up by 2.15 percent