Cannabidiol Acts As Trojan Horse To Brain BBB

Cannabis is an illegal drug that is used by drug addicts as means of pleasure. This drug works by sending harmful substances to the brain cells which helps intense the pleasure center of the brain and adding pleasure to the experience. It is safe to say that Cannabis is one of the most harmful drugs that should not be used due to the many negative side effects it causes to humans including brain tumors and death.

However, a recent study conducted on cannabis has shown that it can actually be used to treat many diseases. This is not though the positive side of the drug; that may not exist, but it is because of the substance called Cannbidiol (CBD) in Cannabis. This substance is the main source behind delivering the concentration of cannabis to the brain. It changes the brain’s concentration and thus affects the whole body.

Scientists have reached an observation that states that Cannabidiol can be used to deliver medications to the brain. This will help reduce the risk of many diseases and will also reduce the risk of brain tumors if used wisely. The use of the substance as a Trojan Horse is the hypothesis that the study suggests. However, much more study and tests should be conducted on the subject matter to prevent any wrongful information.

The study and the results were published in the journal of Molecular Pharmaceutics. The main characteristic of CBD that is worth checking is the fact that it can move through the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) which most substance can’t penetrate.