Cancer Treatment On The Verge Of Rising

Cancer is the leading cause of death for human worldwide. It is a very common disease and disorder that affects tissue by damaging DNA and causing it to be a threat to the body. Many different types of cancer has developed with the larger percentage not yet cured or prevented. This problem in our planet inspires researchers and scientists to develop new ways to cure the disease; helping millions of humans worldwide.

One current team of researchers from New York University were able to develop a protein which is Nano scaled that can hold chemotherapeutic drugs inside of it and still can be detected by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This could be a breakthrough in the cancer treatment field as it will decrease the loss of extra healthy cells during chemotherapy which is definitely the main downside. Furthermore, being seen by MRIs can help aim the drugs towards the affected cells when detected, allowing to a breakthrough in the cancer field.

Many different type of cancers will be vulnerable to this approach. This team was led by Engineer Jin Kim Montclare who is a Professor of Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering in the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Eng. Montclare was excited with their breakthrough saying, “Think of the analogy of a missile aimed at a target, with the chemotherapeutic drug as the missile and the cancer cells as the target. It’s not enough to aim blindly; you need to carefully track the missile’s progress and determine to what extent it is effective. Protein Engineered Nano scale Micelles for Dynamic Magnetic Resonance and Therapeutic Drug Delivery.”